Advanced analytical instrumentation

Eventually summaries of the working principals and relevance to gemology of the following instruments will be completed here. For the moment this is a work in progress.


Advanced Equipment in my private research lab

What advanced instrumentation does a gem lab need?

The electron microprobe

THe scanning electron microsCOPE

SIMS (Secondary ion mass spectroscopy)

LIBS (Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy)

the challenger & MDM gemological spectrometerS

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

The x-ray powder diffractometer

X-Ray Radiography

The Raman microspectrometer

UV-VIS, NIR and FTIR Spectroscopy

Other Beam Instruments (PIXE, Auger, Ion Microprobes)

Inductively coupled plasma & Atomic absorption spectrometry

LA-ICP-MS (Laser-ablation ICP mass Spectrometry)

Neutron Activation Analysis

Mossbauer Spectroscopy

Common Gem instruments: Discussion